How to treat tooth discoloration: Whitening

Our teeth gradually loose their natural shine and colour, mostly due to the colouring agents present in some of the foodstuffs that we usually eat and drink, like coffee, tea and others.
Also, as our teeth age, the dentinal tubules become narrower. This reduces the translucency of the tooth and produces the effect of a darker tooth.
Other factors that may have an effect on the colour of teeth may be an insufficient oral hygiene or the use of certain drugs prescribed for the treatment of some illnesses.
We provide dental bleaching in two stages: the first one is carried out by a professional at our clinic, during three sessions using a whitening agent that is activated with light; the second stage is carried out by the patient in the comfort of their own home with the use of a kit that we will supply. It can be applied very easily and comfortably. The advantages of our whitening system is that we can achieve a very white and natural teeth colour with a long durability overtime.