Orthodontics without extractions


Author: Dr. Julio Gea Guiral
Col Nº 2944
Orthodontist at Clínica Dental Abril



This is the “biologically” sensible way of moving the teeth and obtaining straighter positioning and improved facial aesthetics.

The Damon system braces have self ligating brackets that do not require elastic ligatures to fixate the archwires.  Conventional brackets, on the other hand, require ligatures that apply more force, more friction, and therefore cause more discomfort for the patient and require adjustments more often.

Damon system’s passive self-ligating brackets allow for the teeth to move more easily and comfortably, thus obtaining results faster and with less force, gentler on the teeth and soft tissues.

The Damon bracket system also uses high-tech wires that requires less changing and adjusting.

This combination of passive self-ligating Damon brackets with high-tech wires allows for the treatment of most cases without any extractions of permanent teeth.  As a result we will obtain a broader and more natural smile with an improved aesthetic profile, which is so important in adult patients.

With the Damon system brackets we will also avoid the use of palatal expanders (to widen the palate) and moreover, some cases that would otherwise require surgery could be treated without the operation.

Damon brackets use a special high-tech sliding mechanism that reduces the pressure on the teeth and allows for a more comfortable movement to a correct positioning.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, self-esteem and self-confidence will improve with straighter teeth and a broad and attractive smile.

Damon brackets are smaller and rounder than conventional brackets.  The softer contours of these brackets and the absence of ligatures, where rests of food may gather, make them the cleanest and most comfortable of the market.

Damon Sistem