Dra. Marta Dal Monte D’Amico


No. Collegiate. 3009 (COEC)

College of Dentistry and Stomatology of Catalonia.

Doctor of Dentistry in 1986 from the University of Montevideo, Uruguay.
SEPES member (Spanish Society of Prosthodontics and Osteointegration).

  • Master in Periodontology, University of Montevideo (1988-1990) Former Professor of the Department of Physiology General and Buco Dental School of Montevideo.
  • Master of Implantology and oral rehabilitation
  • Refresher courses MIS implants, Tel Aviv University (2011) College of Implantology Barcelona.
  • Clinical Course in Implantology Department, University of Geneva (2004) Stay Clinic Dental Faculty Department of Periodontology, University of Oslo (1993)
  • Postgraduate in Implantology, University of Buenos Aires (1995-1996) Clinical Course of Oral Surgery, University of Montevideo (1988) Clinical Course of implantology.
  • Technique as “All on Four” in Lisbon Dr. P.Malo Clinic. (2006)